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Refund Policy


Payments for the tutoring lessons are made one month in advance (fee must be submitted before starting regular classes). If customer is not 100% satisfied or want to discontinue classes due to any other reason before his/her payment cycle, he/she can apply for refund.

How to submit refund requests

All requests for refunds must be made in writing. Requests must include students and customerís full name, course title etc.
Submit request via email to: billing@qurantutoring.com.

The date of the completed request and the start date of the course will determine what refund or credit shall be due. All refunds are to be made within 30 days after receiving notice in writing from the student or dismissal. Please call us at following phone number in case of any further question(s).
          USA: 916-222-2860
          UK:   020-8133 5169
          AUS: 02-8003-5306


Classes make up policy

  • Student can request to makeup class if he / she not able to to make regular class for any given day. Please inform us at least a day early, we do not entertain same day request for makeup class.

  • We do not offer more than 5 make classes in given month.

  • Student will not be eligible for any makeup class if student misses his / her class as per given schedule.

  • We do not offer makeup classes for religious holidays such as EID-ul-Fitr and EID-ul-Adha or any other.





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