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By observation of Fasts I mean the act of abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking anything whatsoever to enter into what is understood to be the interior of the body, as also voluntary vomiting, self-pollution, sexual intercourse, etc

Niyyat or give utterance to Fasting

The Niyyat, (i.e., the intention) should be conceived or given utterance to for each day preferably before the break of dawn, if not, at any time before the midday, if in the meanwhile one has maintained the state of fasting from the time of dawn.


Whom is the observation of fasts obligatory?

Men and women too old and feeble to bear the hardships of a fast are exempted, but they should feed a poor and needy Muslim to satisfaction twice a day, or pay the amount of one Sadaq-ul-Fitr for every day.


Under what circumstances can one defer the observation of fasts ?

One can defer the observation of fasts if:

One is so sick that the observation of fast is likely to increase his or her sickness.
A woman who is suckling a child, and there is a danger of reduction in the supply of milk if she observes fasts. A traveler who has reason to fear that observing of fasts will make him or her unable to prosecute the journey.

Note:- As soon as one is relieved of the respective disabilities, one must observe the fasts immediately.


Under what circumstances should a woman postpone the observation of fasts ?

A woman should postpone observation of fasts during the period of menses & when she is in the family way


Why is the observation of fasts obligatory during the month of Ramadan ?

The observation of fasts is obligatory in the month of Ramadan because it is the blessed month of the year during which Holy Quran was revealed.


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